Monday, May 25, 2009

a question of service

Today is Memorial Day and I found myself pondering the question, how far are we willing to go to serve? Men called to serve our country give their lives to "serve and protect" and are proud to do so. It is so much a part of who they are and says much about them, their character and personality. The disciples who followed Jesus served him and others knowing their fate could well be that of Jesus himself, death on a cross. They were not afraid to stand up for their faith in Christ and what they knew to be the truth. This truth had become so much a part of them that to deny Christ and all He asked of them would be to deny themselves. Which brings me back to my question, how far are we willing to go to serve Christ? Are we willing to serve at all cost or only for the convenience to ourselves. Paul reminds us by our Baptism we are called to serve one another and to go and make disciples of all nations. When we are marked with the chrism oil at Baptism we are marked as children of God. Like Christ then are we willing to carry that cross to the end, no matter what the price?

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  1. Is the reason why most people do not serve is they are scared of failure or of not doing the job good enough? Is that the devil keeping us from doing what God has planned for us. If you have the desire to volunteer or help in a ministry that is a higher power telling you it is time to do your part. As long as you are doing His will than you will not fail.