Monday, June 1, 2009

Did the flames burn the disciples?

When discussing Pentecost the question always comes up, "did the flames burn the disciples?" My sharp witted response always is "You bet it did!" You have undoubtedly heard the phrase "on fire for the Lord", well there you go.... Fire is a powerful force. We are reminded of the flames of the burning bush, a fire that did not consume the bush but definitely got Moses' attention. The flames of the Holy Spirit were meant to do just that, get the attention of those in the upper room. It filled them with courage and conviction to go out and spread the good news, to not be afraid. We can only hope for some of that fire to burn within us as we reach out to others and spread the gospel message. It's that ignition of fire to burn in the hearts of our Confirmandi in preparation of the Sacrament so they will be just as enthused and "on fire" to go out and live the gospel. What is it that sets us "on fire" for the Lord?

*picture compliments of Fr. Z's blog "what the prayer really says"

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